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 Life, lived in awareness, gifts us wonderful dreams. BioTeaFood is the result of a most seeked dream, the dream of a child that aimed to give back to others and to nature. BioTeaFood allows to fulfill this dream in the form of natural and sustainable products that make the world a better place!


BioTeaFood Girl is the founder of the company. With a PhD degree in Biochemistry, she is an expert in natural and anti-cancer products and has collaborated with several universities as an invited researcher. She is the one welcoming the clients, choosing new products and coordinating the orders. BioTeaFood Girl knows that not all organic products are quality products and therefore she uses her expertise to identify the products that are, not only the best in every possible way, but also that are the best compromise regarding BioTeaFood Mission! In her spare time she dances salsa, practices reiki, organizes parties for friends, and smiles!




BioTeaFood Boy is an expert in nanotechnology and entrepreneur. He is an enthusiastic researcher and besides inspiring BioTeaFood with his lovely guitar and singing skills, he is the coordinator of the new research projects, marketing and the strategy of Bioteafood. He also smiles a lot!


BioTeaFood Gentleman follows a sharp vegetarian and Eco-Friendly life, supported by many initiatives to make the world better. Bioteafood is one of them. He coordinates the finances of Bioteafood and is the one who signs important papers. He loves to travel into well far Asian Countries and to adopt stray cats.




BioTeaFood Lawman is the one writing the important papers that Bioteafood Gentleman has to sign. He takes care of the legal environment among clients, suppliers and Bioteafood. He is recognized by his well developed and effective writing and speech. He loves Football and Dogs. Being a politician in the past, he inspires everyone with high standards of ethics and mission to the others.


Besides them, there are all their lovely friends that support and teach them inspiring and joining them with great energy to help them deliver the best solution for YOU!




BioTeafood offers you an elegant selection of very special high quality and full of love products.

We are passionate about life and think that a responsible and caring community for everything that is should be a normal way of life. Charity and altruism shouldn’t be a separate concept from the concept of Living.

We want to change the world, one person at a time. And for that we aim to inform you by sharing our scientific background so that you are given the right to choose the best for you and your family.

All products are selected by a team of experts to be the healthiest possible choice.

All products contribute to a better environment.

All brands are donating to a social, environmental or animal cause for a better world.

We love people, the planet and all nature therein.

There are no right or wrong decisions, just choices. Choose BioTeaFood – Live Beautifully!


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